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Passionate about innovation, resiliency and creativity? Simon T. helps leaders energize those around them to become more creative, more dynamic, more daring.

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Simon T. guides you through 7 sections of POWERFUL training to help you find and unlock innovation in your organization, rethink how you serve your customers and create a more innovative culture. Simon T. has spoken to over 50,000 people and works with companies, governments, and non-for-profits to develop and act on innovation. Turn ideas into products, services and experiences people value through tools and strategies to make innovation -humble or huge- a reality.

Spark Innovation Without Spending A Dime!

Innovation is vital in this fast-changing world. Staying ahead means turning ideas into services, products and experiences of value.

In this course, you will learn: 


More than just digital, innovation is about solving customer's needs through incremental and radical innovation.

Jump Start Great Ideas

You will learn how to stoke you and your team’s creativity engine and generate more innovative ideas.

Disruptive Questions

Find out how to open the aperture of possibilities by rooting your questions in the customer’s viewpoint, overcome legacy thinking and let lose your team’s business ideas.   

Innovation Cultures

Break down the innovation barriers in your organization with these key questions around leadership, culture and structure that are stifling your organization. 

Design "Out" From the Customer

Learn how to use all five senses to design customer experiences that unlock the magic 2% that sets you above the competition. 

Look Beyond Your Sector

Learn how to open the aperture of ideas, looking beyond your sector for ideas that reshape your industry. 

What People Need From You?

Find out how to inspire your team, overcome resistance to fresh ideas and unleash market-beating innovations in your organization. 

Downloads & Exercises

Each sections is supported with downloadable summaries, exercises and team activities. 


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